Saturday, December 15, 2012

Group Funding Online TV

Did you want to get in on great Internet ventures? We are looking for mass funding to give everyone a chance at the big pie in the Online TV video delivery happening today. To do this we need funding. We are looking for lots of people with a little bit of money instead of trying to get a few people with big bucks. This will keep the direction on the right road to bring TV and Video Online and allow the people to make the profits instead of the robber barons. What do you think? Let me know, comment or email me for more details on how to get your piece of Online TV Networks

Indonesian Hackers Love Online TV

This blog is constantly being threatened with hackers from Indonesia. I am not sure why they do this but it appears that they want to watch TV online. If not trying to find free video and free TV these hackers are doing some stupid things. First they keep trying to hack to the account through the google account interface. Asking for the password. But they can’t get it without that information. Google, for their part, lets me know while I am walking in the street. They send me a text message and let me know some freak from Indonesia is trying to get into the account and want to know if it is me. Google tracks me everywhere on my mobile phone. Isn't it nice to know you have someone looking over your shoulder, always there to help? So, hackers, you can't get this account no matter how hard you try. Bless you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Digital Television Today or Where Are The Missing Channels?

I don’t know about you, but last week I woke up to find all my TV stations gone. No more regular TV! Cut off! No more movies, no more sports and no more news. Well, okay, I feel better not watching Fox news but I like TV – we are OnlineTV after all!

What happened? Well, the FCC, an unelected group of mongrels who decide how to tax the free airwaves have decided to sell off the frequencies that TV used to broadcast on and force broadcasters to go digital. What that means to us is we have only a few choices to watch any TV, buy a new expensive digital TV, get a conversion box that does a terrible job as you now need a special antenna or go get Direct TV.

I checked out Direct TV and really liked the service. Not only do you get more channels than the new digital rabbit ears and a conversion box (costing 30 to 100 bucks) but also you get more channels than cable at a much cheaper price. Direct TV offers you some of the sweetest deals to get you back your TV viewing!

As you know OnlineTV is about entertainment and you can get all the movies you can eat from Direct TV including HBO, Showtime, Starz and more! Sports? Yeah, that is entertainment too and the Direct TV Deals for sports are beyond any other offers out there.

Direct TV offers you the opportunity to get a digital recorder so you can watch what you want when you want and avoid buying that digital conversion box for your set that gives you bad signals. Their box and service will give you over 100 real HD channels and 100s more regular digital TV! Something you can’t find on cable systems. They also offer you Internet at high speeds so you can watch our entertainment channels too! You even get Satellite Radio!

So, if you are stuck in the rut from the television conversion to digital you now have the ability to get out of it and get incredible services and a great set-top box free which will help you record over 200 hours of TV to watch whenever you want. Don’t be stuck watching snow on your TV! Check out Direct TV and you will find a great deal vs. the other options for digital TV and get a great digital video recorder for the effort.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Video Websites by the Hundreds!

Online TV is a major hit.

Since 1996 has given the Internet the most entertainment.

Now the OnlineTV Guide has become the top video guide on the Internet providing community niche video websites. While the huge repositories of video on the Internet had defied the user an ability to find quality niche video many sites are happy to provide that service.

Created and staffed with people interested in your interests these sites provide community and entertainment tailored to you. The Online TV video guide brings you to these sites easily with powerful search starting right from the home page. It does not matter if you like to browse categories or use advanced search tools you can find sites that have what you are looking for.

Now hundreds of sites in over 100 categories provide you with video content and community all from one place. Check them out

Online TV Guide

OnlineTV Visions of the Future Today

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michelle Lefevre Article19 Lifetime Dance Loser Award

Lifetime Dance Loser Award

Michelle Lefevre appears to be one of those gross pontificators we are lucky to rarely encounter. An armchair wannabe dancer whose limited claim to fame is a series of anal negativity proffered on her dance blog Article19. Michelle is one of those people who have just enough knowledge where an over inflated ego fills in too many blanks and uses it in a destructive manner. Worse than a know it all, as a sponge, she only knows what fits her empty agenda through the limited capabilities of an ill equipped intellect.

We are not sure what psychological traumas have brought her to the bombastic somersaults that viciously lash out on the dancing community but have had the unfortunate experience of tasting the ignorant infant in all her glory upfront and personal. Lucky for us we do not have to take her serious and her faux attempt at intellectualism fails in the technology world history where 1+1 is 2 and not debatable as art might be. I felt sorry to find blogs and read complaints of many dancers who were devastated from the nasty tripe Lefevre deals out as ”artistic criticism.” Even in the world dance community her inane droning at Article 19 is called childish, belligerent, dangerous, derogatory, and unprofessional.

In order to expand access to dancing video sites where fans, dancers and others could find such sites we noted an older archive of fine dance material on her blog. We bypassed her main page to link to the video archive section – afte all it had nothing of her in it so it appeared very good. As usual we linked and sent an email notification to let the site owner know. Sweet Michelle had little time for such gifts and claimed “fuck off you link farming assholes,” such was the total length of her email message, gratitude, and interest in expanding dance video.

That was okay with us, we don’t mind explaining who we are. Anyone can be an idiot and anyone can hold an opinion; it was up to us to explain ourselves. So we did. At which point she not only reaffirmed her previous colorful language but also added that there was no need for her to add to her “50,000 monthly visitors”. Poor girl, she does not get 1000 hits a month and probably mostly her. Her site ranks in the unknowns – 2,000,000th? That’s okay, we remember such neophytes like Michelle Lefevre back in the mid 90’s and certainly her education on the Internet is generation X. If it did not happen recently it never happened. But we thought most people were more aware of history but not Michelle.

Yes, Michelle Lefevre thinks the Internet started only when domains appeared, a real gen-x educational dropout here. Little known to Michelle is the fact that the Internet goes back to the 1960’s and what she considers the Internet was merely a conversion from one addressing system to the current addressing system. Yep, even though easily found information the mentally challenged Michelle Lefevre said “Also, been on the internet since "1978". Quite an achievement since the first domain name wasn't registered until 1985.” This was in reference to our referring to the owner here, Rick Siegel, being on the Internet since 1978. So for her very limited mind no one could be on the Internet prior to the DNS system being in place. All the time we used bangs (!) to route were our imagination or her ignorance? Is this not a limited intelligence claiming ultimate knowledge? This woman is so full of herself reality has no chance of finding space to permeate. Michelle Lefevre claims to be a debunker, but her bunk is so thick it clogs the mind. Michelle Lefevre glass is so full of rancid water there is no room for real information. All this while was she trying once to expand her dancing website or dance as a whole? Michelle Lefevre knows very little about people, relations, dancing or websites and cares only about a stroked ego and her feeling of superiority. We do not fall for her guff and find her repugnant.

The thing here is that we went and searched her favorite search engine, Google, to find out about her and all we found was a woman whose history was of abusing dancers with anal retentive pontifications from her keyboard. She is a dancing fool! A destructive force in her industry playing knowledgeable – she talks the distorted talk of one who needs to tear others to feel good and cant dance the dance herself.

So, we figured we would let you and all the dancers know why we do not list Article 19’s video archive anymore. For those whose lives are entwined in the dance world you can now know and point to the fact that this woman knows nothing and when she pontificates it is from a vacuum. For those who depend on us to find cool video sites cared for by people who care about your niche we have done you a service by removing this obnoxious woman’s site from the guide. Michelle Lefevre has created a toxic wasteland at Article19 where only those who play up to her over-inflated ego can find a shred of humanity. It would be beyond pale to recommend such a site where the owner cannot create a welcome atmosphere for the dance audience.

Dance on and check out some cool dance video sites that are NOT Article19 or anything to do with the thing called Michelle Lefevre. These sites have cool webmasters and great videos making a postive manifestation for the global dance community.

Randy Penn (when you need a Randy pen)

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